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Oilfield Chemicals

Oilfield Chemicals

Kaiser manufactures oil field chemicals for three major market segments: drilling, production and stimulation. Kaiser oil field chemicals and technologies include:

  • Surfactants: anionic, cationic, nonionic and amphoteric
  • Biocides: quaternary ammonium compounds and triazine
  • Bio-based solvents


Kaiser Industries surfactants are used as components in a wide variety of down-hole formulations. They provide attributes such as foaming, corrosion control, emulsification or compatibilization to the fluids they are used in.


Kaiser Industries surfactants are used for corrosion control, foaming, scale control, paraffin dispersants, asphaltene control and demulsification. Kaiser wide range of products allow formulators many pathways to meet their application performance requirements. Many Kaiser products offer improved biodegradability and lower toxicity. Key product lines include a full range of biocidal quats for down-hole and post production applications as well as foamers for gas well dewatering. Kaiser also supplies a triazine for hydrogen sulfide scavenging.