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Our Quality

At Kaiser, a Research & Technology Based Company commanding a 27% market share, we have been on the forefront of agricultural surfactant science and a relentless dedication to Quality ensures consistent delivery & high performance for the latest herbicides, insecticides & fungicides. Working with pesticide manufacturers, Kaiser scientists continually strive to improve the effectiveness of formulations for a wide variety of product needs. Our experienced scientists will help you choose the product that is right for your formulation performance or we can help you to improve the emulsification, dispersion, wetting or adjuvancy of your active ingredients.

If a product from our expansive range of established blends doesn’t meet your needs, our Product Development lab is ready to customize a formula to best meet your requirements with an effective, cost efficient & sound solution. With fewer layers of management, the people of Kaiser have the freedom to innovate, creating technologies of the future and contributing to business performance. What sets Kaiser apart from the rest of the Surfactant manufacturers is its unique ability to innovate new technologies for the crop protection chemical industry.

Our clientele of major Technical manufacturers, MNCs and bulk formulators are fruits of our sacrosanct commitment to achieve total customer satisfaction through consistent Quality & Service.