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Pushing Technology To Its Limits

Kaiser approaches technology in imaginative and innovative ways to produce World Class Innovative Speciality Surfactants. With changes in the world, Kaiser is striving to find new and better ways to meet the world's growing demand for high performance, affordable and reliable Speciality Chemicals.

Kaiser Technology Ventures

Kaiser Technology Ventures identifies, develops and commercializes emerging technologies that have the potential to transform into production and use. Our business development portfolio includes:

  • Speciality Chemicals.
  • Surfactants / Adjuvants for Crop Protection.
  • Surfactants for Oil Field Chemicals.
  • Speciality Surfactants for Personal Care Products

Kaiser Technology Ventures Investments searches for early-stage research working on new technologies and helps these gifted scientist realize their vision.

Technology Marketing / Contract Research

Technology Marketing team provides its technologies and services to clients by undertaking projects/ assignments of Contract Research. The Technology Marketing team also commercializes emerging technologies and provides international technical service to help customers meet today's challenges.